Launching a new creativity platform & token for the NFT community

Three works by Puerto Rican artist Sandra Pérez-Ramos, part of the “Origins: Genesis” art drop.

The players

  • “Origins: Genesis”: the initial drop for this historic, long-term blue-chip NFT project.
  • Expressions: the community-driven creativity platform and social marketplace for digital and physical goods that will launch “Origins” followed by hundreds of other projects.
  • $AMBR: a new community-owned token devoted to building out Expressions and other projects (this is the placeholder name but we’ll take a community vote on the final name!)
  • Amberfi: the Web3 company that creates secure white-label marketplaces for brands and creators


  • Expressions is a new open marketplace for artists from diverse cultural traditions around the world — and for collectors and art lovers. It launches soon. See the writeup on NFTNow!
  • The focus is on showcasing digital and physical goods worldwide that provide stored value to collectors as we help onboard the $67.8 billion global art market — as well as the new wave of grassroots media and digital objects — into Web3.
  • In 2024, we will launch a community token (currently called $AMBR) and build out a suite of products and services through our technology platform, Amberfi.
  • Our goal is to make NFTs and Web3 more culturally diverse, more secure, and more accessible to everyone — opening the way to onboard millions of new users into the space.
  • 100% of the proceeds from the “Origins: Genesis” drop go to the artists, to a worthy nonprofit, or to the nonprofit foundation operating the marketplace.
Thumbnails of two works by Carlos Davila Rinaldi of Puerto Rico will be part of the “Origins: Genesis” drop.

Origins: Genesis drop

In October 2023 when we launch Expressions, we will be debuting a major art drop called “Origins: Genesis.” We believe the drop will be historic — this is the genesis project that will usher in an era of including hundreds of thousands of new artists around the world in the Web3 ecosystem.

“Origins: Genesis” draws on the cultural traditions and heritage of artists and creatives in ten different regions of the globe. The “Origins” collection has the potential to bring global attention to artists in regions and communities often overlooked by art markets dominated by European and North American traditions.

Wall-canvas ready

Through our partnership with Blackdove, a leading streaming art service and digital canvas maker in Miami, we will generate multiple drops of high-quality digital wall art. Nearly every work in the Origins drop is at least 4,000 to 5,000 pixels wide or tall. This is a major differentiator for us. Our future drops will also showcase high-quality art that looks great on an Internet-connected living room or office wall.

Expressions will raffle off a 32-inch Blackdove digital wall canvas (retail value $999) in a drawing following the drop restricted to those who purchased an Origins Genesis NFT. Buying multiple NFTs will increase your chances of winning.
Expressions will raffle off a 32-inch Blackdove digital wall canvas (retail value $999) to collectors in a drawing during phase three of the “Origins: Genesis” drop.

We have signed contracts with talented artists from Trinidad, Jamaica, Aruba, Guadeloupe, Curacao, Puerto Rico and other territories with an eye toward using the “Origins” art drop as a fundraiser — and as a launchpad to complete the initial development of Expressions.

Season Two of “Origins” will showcase artists from Southeast Asia, Africa or another region of the world voted on by our community. The goal is to be as inclusive as possible by bringing artists from all corners of the world into this project and connecting them with collectors as this project unfolds.

Thumbnails of works by Picardo, an artist of Dominican Republic heritage, in the “Origins: Genesis” drop.

A globally diverse project team

In collaborating with Amberfi, the Expressions project has brought on team members from Japan, India, Singapore, Nigeria, Brazil, Argentina, The Bahamas, Thailand, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine—because we believe diversity is the fabric that makes teams stronger and smarter. We also believe in transparency and accountability. You can see the members working on this project at, and you can volunteer or join in the discussions at our Discord (invitation-only at the outset).

The project team is looking to collaborate with as many creator-forward organizations as possible, including DAOs, Discords, NFT thought leaders, arts organizations, creator and collector communities and more. Please share your ideas of who we should connect with.

Supporting social causes

There’s also a significant charitable component to Expressions. Creators, brands and organizations can allocate any percentage of their primary sales or royalties to a favorite nonprofit.

For the “Origins: Genesis” project, every one of the works in the genesis drop will devote a percentage of primary proceeds to a local charity, starting with six nonprofits that work in the Caribbean or that serve the Caribbean diaspora:

  • Hope for Haiti
  • The Hub Collective
  • Sea Turtle Conservancy
  • Turks & Caicos Reef Fund
  • The Caribbean Equality Project
  • Artists & Creatives Foundation (based in Panama) 

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